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'English Books in Octavo', lot 296, page 51[ ], Elements or Principles of Geometry, [London], 1684
[note regarding the catalogue: Catalogue lists no. 296 as no. 196]
'English Books in Octavo', lot 297, page 51Wybard, John, Geometry of Regulars, [London], 16500.0.4
'English Books in Octavo', lot 298, page 51Hunt, William, Guide for the Practical Gauger, [London], 1673[ ]
'English Books in Octavo', lot 299, page 51Dary, Michael, Compleat Gauger, [London], 16780.0.6
'English Books in Octavo', lot 300, page 51?Morton, R., Art of Gauging in Decimal Tables, [ ], 16640.0.4
'English Books in Octavo', lot 301, page 51Newton, John, Art of Practical Gauging, [London], 16690.0.5
'English Books in Octavo', lot 302, page 51Newton, John, Scale of Interest, [ ], 16680.0.4
'English Books in Octavo', lot 303, page 51Gibson, Thomas, Syntaxis Mathematica, [London], 16550.0.6
'English Books in Octavo', lot 304, page 51Wing, Vincent, Practical Astronomy, [ ], 16490.0.11
'English Books in Octavo', lot 305, page 51Hues, Robert, of the Globes Coelestial and Terrestrial, [London], 16390.0.8editors' notes
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'English Books in Octavo', lot 306, page 51[ ], Astronomia Chrystallina, [London], 16700.0.5
'English Books in Octavo', lot 307, page 51[Rowland, William], Judicial Astrology judicially condemned, [London], 16520.0.8
'English Books in Octavo', lot 308, page 51[Primatt, Stephen], The City and Country Purchaser and Builder, London, [ ]0.2.6
'English Books in Octavo', lot 309, page 51[Smith, John], Horological Dialogues, [London], 16750.0.7
'English Books in Octavo', lot 310, page 51[Derham, William], Artificial Clock-Maker, [London], 1696
[note regarding the catalogue: Catalogue names author as 'W. Derby']
'English Books in Octavo', lot 311, page 51[Salmon, William], Art of Drawing, Engraving, &c., [London], 1672
[note regarding the catalogue: Catalogue names author as 'W. Salmer']
'English Books in Octavo', lot 312, page 51[Evelyn, John], Sculptura, or the Art Chalcography, [London], 16620.?.8
'English Books in Octavo', lot 313, page 51Faithorne, William, Art of Graving and Etching, [ ], 16620.2.2
'English Books in Octavo', lot 314, page 51Smith, John, Art of Painting, [London], 16760.0.10
'English Books in Octavo', lot 315, page 51Raleigh, Sir Walter, of the Invention of Shipping, &c., [ ], 16500.0.6extant; editors' notes
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'English Books in Octavo', lot 316, page 51Blackborow, Peter, Navigation rectified, [ ], 16870.1.1
'English Books in Octavo', lot 317, page 51Hubbard, Benjamin, Orthodox Navigation, [London], 16560.0.4
'English Books in Octavo', lot 318, page 51[Du Praissac, Sieur], Art of War, Cambridge, 16390.0.6
'English Books in Octavo', lot 319, page 51Moore, Sir Jonas, Modern Fortification, London, 16730.1.0
'English Books in Octavo', lot 320, page 51Moore, Sir Jonas, Of Artillery of Great Ordnance, [ ], 16830.?.10
'English Books in Octavo', lot 321, page 51[Stone, Nicholas], Enchiridion of Fortification, London, [ ]0.0.10
'English Books in Octavo', lot 322, page 51Wallis, John, Hobbius Heauton-timorumenos, Oxford, 16620.?.3
'English Books in Octavo', lot 323, page 51Huygens, Christiaan, Coelestial World, London, 16980.?.6
'English Books in Octavo', lot 324, page 51Wilkins, John, Mathematical Magick, [ ], 16480.2.4
'English Books in Octavo', lot 325, page 51Ward, Seth, Philosophical Essay, Oxford, 16670.?.4
'English Books in Octavo', lot 326, page 51Cleveland, John, Poems with Additions, London, 1651[ ]
'English Books in Octavo', lot 327, page 51[ ], History of the Wars, and other State Affairs of Great Britain, [ ], 1654[ ]
'English Books in Octavo', lot 328, page 51Aristotle, Problems, [ ], [ ][ ]
'English Books in Octavo', lot 329, page 51Simpson, Christopher, Compend. of practical Musick, London, 16780.0.8
'English Books in Octavo', lot 330, page 51[Playford, John], The Dancing-Master, [London], 16650.0.4 (?)
'English Books in Octavo', lot 331, page 51Falconer, John, Art of secret Information, [ ], 16850.0.7
'English Books in Octavo', lot 332, page 51Willis, Edmond, Abbreviat of Writing by Character, [ ], [ ]0.0.7 (?)
'English Books in Octavo', lot 333, page 51Willis, John, Art of Stenography, [London], 16280.0.6
'English Books in Octavo', lot 334, page 51Metcalfe, Theophilus, short Writeing, [London], 16600.0.4
'English Books in Octavo', lot 335, page 51Cartwright, William, Semography, or short and swift Writing, [London], 16420.0.6
'English Books in Octavo', lot 336, page 51Browne, David, Art of fair Writing, St Andrews, 16220.0.6extant; editors' notes
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'English Books in Octavo', lot 337, page 51Mason, William, of Short-hand Writing, [London], 16820.0.6
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 1, page 51[Pascal, Blaise], The Mystery of Jesuitism. 2 Vol., London, 16580.2.8
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 2, page 51Locke, John, A Letter concerning Toleration, [ ], 16900.0.9
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 3, page 51Milton, John, of Civil Power in Ecclesiastical Causes, [ ], 16590.1.7
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 4, page 51[Keynes, John], Way to convince Persons dissenting from the true Religion, [ ], 1674[ ]
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 5, page 51[Arderne, James], Directions concerning the Matter and Stile of Sermons, [London], 16710.0.4
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 6, page 52Gregory of Nazianzus, Oration against Julian, [ ], 16620.0.4
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 7, page 52Donne, John, Essays in Divinity, [ ], 16510.0.8
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 8, page 52Addison, Lancelot, present State of the Jews, [ ], 16700.0.6
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 9, page 52Wadsworth, James, Europaean Mercury, [London], 16410.0.4
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 10, page 52[La Martiniere, Pierre Martin de], New Voyage into the Northern Countries, [London], 16740.0.7
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 11, page 52[ ], The Historian's Guide, [ ], 16880.0.4
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 12, page 52Hickeringill, Edmund, Jamaica view'd with all its Ports, Harbours, &c., [London], 16610.0.6
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 13, page 52[ ], The present State of Jamaica, [ ], 16830.0.7
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 14, page 52[Morellet, Laurent], Historical Explication of Versailles, [London], 16840.0.4
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 15, page 52[ ], Present State of China, and Life of the Fr. King, [ ], 1676[ ]
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 16, page 52[Philips, George], [Present State] of Tangier, [London], 16760.0.4
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 17, page 52Villault, Nicolas, Voyage to Guinee , [London], 16700.0.4
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 18, page 52[La Haye, Sieur de], The Policy and Government of the Venetians, [London], 1671[ ]
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 19, page 52Blount, Sir Henry, Voyage into the Levant, [ ], 1669[ ]
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 20, page 52Montagu, Walter, transl., accomplish'd Woman, [London], 16710.0.4
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 21, page 52Osborne, Francis, Essays, Paradoxes, &c., [ ], 16590.0.6
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 22, page 52Cicero, of the Nature of the Gods; with Notes, [ ], 16830.1.8
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 23, page 52[Marvell, Andrew], The Rehearsal Transpros'd, [London], 16720.0.8
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 24, page 52[Woolley, Hannah], The accomplish'd Ladies Delight, [London], 16850.0.7
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 25, page 52Greville, Robert, Baron Brooke, of the Nature of Truth, [London], 16400.0.4
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 26, page 52Hobbes, Thomas, of Humane Nature, [ ], 16510.1.8
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 27, page 52[ ], A ready Way of learning of Sciences, [ ], 16540.0.4
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 28, page 52Clifford, Martin, Treatise of Humane Reason, [London], 16740.0.9
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 29, page 52[Warren, Albertus], Apology for the Discourse of Humane Reason, [London], 16800.0.9
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 30, page 52[ ], The Policy of the Jesuits, London, [ ][ ]
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 31, page 52[Somerset, Edward, 2nd Marquis of Worcester], Century of the Names and Scantlings of Invention, [London], 16630.1.0
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 32, page 52[ ], Collection of Scotch Proverbs, [ ], 16680.2.1
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 33, page 52Davies, John, Political and Military Observations, [London], 1677[ ]
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 34, page 52[ ], History of the Kingdom of Portugal, [London], 16610.0.4
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 35, page 52Fletcher, Giles, [History] of Russia, [London], 16430.0.10
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 36, page 52[Carlell, Lodowick], Arviragus & Philiciain 2 Parts, [London], 1639[ ]
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 37, page 52[ ], A Nosegay of Flowers, [London], 16360.0.4
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 38, page 52Davenant, William, Madagascar, with other Poems, [ ], 16380.0.4
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 39, page 52Homer, Iliads translated into Verse by T. Hobbes, [ ], 16760.0.8
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 40, page 52[Montfaucon de Villars, Nicolas de], The Count of Gabalis, or the Mystery of the Cabalists, [London], 16800.0.10
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 41, page 52Horace, Odes ... in English and Latin, [ ], 16350.0.8editors' notes
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'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 42, page 52Phillips, Edward, Collection of the Poets, [ ], 16700.0.9
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 43, page 52Machiavelli, Niccolo, Discourses upon T. Livie, [ ], 16360.2.1
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 44, page 52Dury, John, Reform'd Library-Keeper, [London], 16500.0.5
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 45, page 52Raue, Christian, Grammar of the Orient Languages, [London], 16500.0.1
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 46, page 52Walker, Obadiah, of Education of young Gentlemen, Oxford, 16770.1.7
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 47, page 52[Debes, Lucas Jacobsen], Description of the Island and Inhabitants of Feroe, London, 16760.0.8
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 48, page 52Nicholas of Cusa, The Idiot in 4 Books, [London], 16500.0.10
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 49, page 52Grattius Faliscus, Poem of Hunting, [London], 16540.1.1
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 50, page 52[Hay, Paul, Marquis du Chastelet], The Politicks of France, [London], 16800.0.4
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 51, page 52[Head, Richard], The Canting Academy, or Villanies discover'd, [London], 16740.0.6
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 52, page 52[Manley, Thomas], The Sollicitor; his Knowledge and Practice, [London], 1663[ ]
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 53, page 52[ ], Office of a Justice of Peace, out of Lambart, Compton, and Dalton, [London], 1641[ ]
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 54, page 52Grew, Nehemiah, of the Nature, Causes, &c. of Mixture, [ ], 16750.0.8
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 55, page 52Arnauld d'Andilly, Robert, manner of ordering Fruit Trees, [London], 16600.2.1
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 56, page 52Henshaw, Nathaniel, Register for the Air, [London], 16770.0.6 (?)
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 57, page 53Hobbes, Thomas, of Liberty and Necessity, with Observations, [ ], 16770.0.4
'English Books in Duodecimo', lot 58, page 53[Hubert, Robert], Forges's Catalogue of Rarities, [ ], [ ]0.2.4
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